What is multi-finish plaster?

The multi-finish plaster is a favourite for all plasterers. Easy and quick to apply, it is a gypsum plaster which provides a high-quality and smooth finish to ceilings and internal walls. Also, it can be used as a finishing plaster when decorating and is adaptable for surfaces such as flat concrete and low-suction backgrounds like plasterboard.


Advantages of multi-finish plaster 

  1. Versatile: As multi-finish plaster is flexible, it can be used to create smooth finishes on a wide range of surfaces and backgrounds. It is easy to apply by hand and because of its polished texture, sanding is not required.
  2. Reliable setting time: On average, the plaster will take approximately 30 minutes to dry. This makes it a popular choice when working with a tight schedule. It can also help reduce labour costs as it takes less time to dry than other plaster types.
  3. Seals gaps: Because of its consistency, the multi-finish plaster is a great choice for sealing any small gaps and spaces. Once applied, this will limit flanking routes and the transmission of sound.
  4. Improved sound insulation: It can provide additional acoustic properties to the plasterboard and adds further sound insulation. In some cases, the sound insulation improvement has been recorded at 2 decibels (dB).




Disadvantages of multi-finish plaster

  1. Moisture exposure: If multi-finish plaster is exposed to moisture or condensation for a long time, it can cause issues with its strength, durability and loss of adhesion.
  2. Avoid frozen backgrounds: This type of plaster is not suitable for use on frozen backgrounds, but you are able to use it in icy conditions. However, you must ensure the plaster does not freeze once applied.
  3. Too hot conditions: Although extremely unlikely in the UK, Thistle MultiFinish plaster should not be exposed to temperatures above 49°C. Also, if you are applying the plaster in dry and hot conditions, be sure it does not lose the mixing water too rapidly. This would cause the plaster to lose strength and not set properly.

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